10 Smart Ideas on Storage for Small Rooms

The following ideas give you suggestion to make storage for small rooms. A house, an apartment, a bedroom or bathroom can always use extra storage. Meanwhile, we may not have more space anymore. These ideas don’t need a lot of space but it holds enough things. Check this out.


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Open Shelf Cabinet

This item is common in your living room but it can be used anywhere from under your sink to your kitchen. It allows you to hold more things between the layers. You can also add several woven baskets on it to get things more organized. This makes excellent storage ideas for small apartment.

Wall Mounted Shelves

This is not a new idea. We can find this almost in any house. It can be used in your bathroom and bedroom too instead of the kitchen only. If you don’t have enough horizontal space, it can be great to mount them vertically.

Buy Furniture with Storage

Do you know that many storage ideas for small apartments suggest the use of furniture pieces with storage? Yes, it can be a set of sofa, your bed, an ottoman, or even your coffee table. It can have hidden storage to keep more things inside.

Frame Your Doorway

Instead of leaving it blank, you can try to frame your doorway with wall high shelves. It is common on private library at home. It adds your décor while it gives you a lot of space to hold things.

Under Stairs Storage

You can use under the stairs space for storage. It can give you big storage actually. Many storage ideas for small homes suggest you to have it custom built to maximize the usage.

Hang the Baskets

Instead of laying them on the floor, you can try to hang them vertically. It allows you to store the same things in the basket, but you save more space. You can also opt for chrome basket in alternative.


Use Ladder for Towel Storage

Many storage ideas for small rooms often suggest the use of unusual things. Ladder can be used as towel storage. You can just hang the towel there. If you have nice ladder, it can be a warm décor as well.

Hanging Storage

This is a common idea for garage, but it can actually be applied on any other room especially your bedroom. You can hang additional storage and use compartment or boxes to help you holding things. Appropriate material serves you well and gives your room accent.

Use Jars and Hang Them

Among many brilliant storage solutions for small apartments, the use of jars and to hang them is the best. It keeps small things well organized while visible, and hanging them save some more space for others.

Pegboard in Kitchen

As Julia Child did it, many storage solutions for small homes suggest the use of pegboard to hang your kitchen utensils. If you have small kitchen, this is your answer to keep more things nicely.

Now, you have more than enough to add more storage even in all rooms you have. Storage doesn’t have to eat a lot of space. It only need to hold things right. Now take a look around and find out what you need. This storage for small rooms ideas are ready to adopt.



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