1200 Square Feet House Plans

Building a living place for many people becomes the priority which should be done if they want to make sure that they are able to live happily. Living in the house which belongs to them can give them peace of mind for sure. Nevertheless, choosing the best house will not be able to be decided easily by many people. They have to consider about a lot of aspects for ensuring that they buy the most suitable house. Of course people will have some consideration aspects for choosing the best house for their living place including choosing 1200 sq ft house plans.

Affordable Cost

People cannot ignore about the cost and the measurement of the house. They must not choose the house plan which is not suitable to their budget availability and capability. Nevertheless, they also need to consider about the need of measurement. If they have family with children for instance, they need to consider extra space for the kid’s bedroom. That is why 1200 sq ft house is considered by many people who have family but do not have too much money for buying large house.


1200 sq ft house

The house with this measurement is considered as a small house but it comes with pretty wide space for family living. It is also pretty affordable compared to the small house with larger measurement.

More Time Outdoors and in the Backyards

The good thing which people can find when they choose 1200 square feet house plans is because they will be able to spend more time outdoors.
It must be chosen because the free space inside the house is limited. Nevertheless, the backyard can also be the extension of the house. People will also have less possession in the house since there is not enough space which can be used for storing it.

1200 square foot house plans

The Rooms

Although 1200 square foot house plans sound smaller than the common house, it does not mean that it will not be a perfect choice for family. One master bedroom and two bedrooms can be packed into the house. There is also space for master bathroom and bathroom. People even can find the kitchen and dining room which are united to the living room space. The space of every room should be squeezed but at least every family member can have private room. There is no public room which is sacrificed in this house as well. Of course utilizing the outdoor space such as porch will also be great for space optimizing.



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