2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans

For many modern people, tiny house surely can be the best solution for their need of housing. There are some reasons which make people consider the tiny house. Maybe they do not have too much money which can be used for buying a large house so buying the tiny house must be the perfect solution. Another reason is because people want to get the second home as their getaway destination but they do not want to spend too much money for this purpose. Nevertheless, tiny house sometimes can be challenging especially for people who have children or want to allow the guests to stay the night. Tiny house usually only comes with one bedroom. They have big question whether it is possible for making the tiny house which comes with two bedrooms. The answer is possible. People can take the inspiration from the tiny houses below. The key is just the proper plan.


Deer Run

Cabin living can be a great example for people who are looking for the tiny house which comes with two bedrooms. The challenge for making the tiny house with two bedrooms is for making sure that the house will not look cramped. In this 2 bedroom tiny house, people can consider creating the open living room. Of course it should be added with the fireplace for keeping people warm when using the living room. There will be windows on the three walls. French door can be good choice for opening to the back porch. The measurement of the house is 973 square feet. Two bathrooms can also be found in this building.



Grayson Trail

Tiny house can have great chance to be filled with two bedrooms. People just need to pay attention to the measurement as well as the arrangement. Good example of 2 bedroom tiny house plans can be found from Grayson Trail. This house is considered as tiny house because it only has 808 square feet measurement. Basically this tiny house only has one bedroom but it is possible to be enhanced to two bedrooms. One bathroom is available in this tiny building. The design of the house is compact. The interesting part of the house is the rustic styling which is used for this home design. Because of the rustic styling, this tiny house can be used as a perfect hideaway for the lake or maybe the mountains. The great view and the great vibe within must be a great combination for perfect vacation

grayson trail tiny house


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