300 Square Ft House Plans

Tiny house becomes kind of idea which is getting more and more popular among modern people. It seems like many people commonly have a dream of owning a large house. It can the proof of pride after all but we can make that there are various kinds of consequence which should be faced if they have a house with large size. Their life will be simpler if they have tiny house. However, some people cannot deal with the house which is too tiny. Maybe they should consider around 300 sq ft house. It will not be too tiny but it will not be too large as well. There are some examples to consider as inspiration.



Mid Century Retreat

Middle Century Retreat

The very first option of 300 sq ft house plans which people can consider is the mid century retreat which is set in the wooden area. The atmosphere of the mid century can be found since the house is located in the wooden area. This studio retreat can be found in Chappaqua, New York. This tiny house can be the example of a great way for utilizing the landscape which is unique and different. The tiny house if built between two rocks. One rock is used as the backdrop of the house. Another one is used as line of the deck. The decking and siding are made from the Dark Ipe. The tiny house looks connected to the wooden area as its surrounding because the interior uses the walnut wood. That is why this tiny house can give the natural look which combines the modern and mid century vibes. The western façade is wrapped by the windows. It means that the scenery will be framed with the windows while the intimate space will be enlarged visually.

Katrina Cottage


Disaster can bring great loss and sadness but people always have something which can be taken from the natural disaster. For example, there is innovation about the housing solution which is affordable enough after the Katrina attack. The Katrina cottage must be the next inspiration of the best 300 square foot house which people can build. The Hurricane Katrina caused the housing crisis. Many victims of the hurricane needs new living place since the old one was washed away by the hurricane. However, they do not have enough money for buying the house so the affordable solution can be found from the Katrina cottage which is made with wooden materials mostly



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