6 Benefits of Portable Small Houses

Have you ever heard of a home can be taken and built anywhere? Recently, it has been heard the news about some design houses that actually can be moved. Yes, you are right. It is what we call it “portable small houses”.  The inspirations creation of this kinds of house itself are different. There are because of money factor, hobby, etc. Of course, created because the needs of the creator or owner of portable houses itself. This house has begun to be enthused by many people. Even, some people say that the portable house is a house of the future.  Then, why it is enthused by peaople? The reason is because portable house has many benefits. Those are:



  1. Portable house is efficient and practical

Because it’s name is a portable house, this house type can be moved from one place to another. For some portable tiny homes, it also can be built in a place that you want.

  1. The time required to rebuild portable is relatively short

For some portable homes, they can be dismantled and rebuilt. The example of it is portable house at Aceh.

  1. Portable house can save costs bill

By potable tiny homes, you should not pay money to pay the rent boarding if you are a student. It is the same as Daiha Fei’s experience. He is a Chinese student who has created a portable home environmentally friendly. Besides, it is also experienced by Carrie’s family where at that time they have been getting a financial crisis. With portable house, they can save their money more than before.

  1. Portable house is anti-earthquake

Because this house is semi-permanent, so it will be resistant to earthquake, such as portable house at Aceh that is created after tsunami.



  1. portable house is cheaper than common house

If we need a lot of money to build a comfortable home, it is different with building portable tiny homes. For example, Derek Diedricksen has built some portable tiny homes using recycled materials with spending money about 200 dollars. Of course, it is cheaper than build a common home.

  1. portable house is environmentally friendly

Portable house is environmentally friendly because it is built from recycled materials. It is like Daiha Fei’s portable house. He made it from bamboo and then plated with a sack. He also uses a solar panel on the top as a power source.

Actually, portable tiny houses have many benefits, those are not only  efficient, practical and ecomic but also environmentally friendly. It is not surprise if portable houses are called as future houses.




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