Advantages of Open Concept for Small Home

Open house concept is now becoming a trend, especially in big cities that are indeed the land to make a single house is fairly small. This concept itself is becoming increasingly popular in the early 1900s where this concept provides a solution for small-sized houses. Since then, many people prefer this concept because with open concept home plans, a small house can be seen more widely and confined room can have a good room efficiency. Thus, what are the advantages of open concept? Below some of the advantages of the concept of an open house to house small. They are:


  1. Give the impression your home is larger.

Open home concept never use wall to separate each room.  Without the presence of the wall in separating each room, your home can feel wider. Besides it,  using high roof in this concept will give impression that your home is big and circulating air in your home will be cooler.

  1. Make the room feels bright.

Because in open concept between one room with another room doesn’t use permanent bulkhead, so you needn’t have extra windows for getting good air circulation and lighting. A large enough window will illuminate the whole room of your house.

  1. Improve social interaction.

With adopting open floor plans for small home, you can cook while watching television in the family room, or talking with other family members although you are not in the same room. You can see all activities that your family do. Even, home atmosphere is getting warmer when you spend your time with your family.


  1. Be able to do your activities while caring your children well.

In this case, the important thing by applying open house plan concept is you can also care the your children playing around the house easily when you do the other things.

  1. Create multifunction room.

In open floor plans with loft, you can separate each room by raising one part of the floor of other room. Automatically, it means that those rooms are different. However, sometimes you can use one room for some activities. For example, you can use your kitchen bar not only to cook but also to receive your best friend. It is very useful to make your friends feel comfort at your home. Even, if you are a leader in a company, you can use it to do meeting with your employee. Therefore, the chemistry between you and your team will increase.

From the explanation above, those advantages can be your consideration in building open concept for your small home that is comfortable and beautiful.



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