Affordable Tiny Homes Plans To Build

Some aspects must be considered when people are planning for having a house. House becomes very important element for every human being because it will be their shelter. Nevertheless, we can make sure that people have to deal with the cost when they want to buy a house. It is true that people should not buy the house which they cannot afford. That is why people should consider about the affordable home plans. Tiny home can be solution in this circumstance, but it does not mean that every tiny house will come with affordable price. Here are some options which people can try to get tiny and affordable house.


affordable-tiny-home-1Tree House

People have kind of dream about the house which they want to live in. If their current dream home is too expensive, they should consider about affordable homes to build which are taken from their dream at young age. Every child has a dream for living in the tree house and it can be great idea for building tree house including for the second home. This project will not cost more than $4,000 and construction will be done in six weeks.



Dome Shaped Home from Concrete

The next affordable house plans to build with tiny size is the concrete home with dome shape. The process for making this house is similar to the process for making the base of papier mache balloon. The concrete will be poured over air pump bladder for heavy duty as well as steel rebar. The bladder will be deflated next and people can find the tiny yet sturdy home. The cost of this construction is approximately $3,500. It must be a perfect price for affordable tiny homes for sure.



Tiny Vacation Home

For people who are dwelling in urban area, finding the getaway from their daily routine will be great investment for keeping their body and soul in balance. They can have a dream about having the tiny vacation home. It can become reality after all since people can find the tiny home plan which can be built easily. Pin Up Houses for example will offer people with the Cheryl Cabin which can be the affordable tiny houses which people are looking for. The vacation retreat comes with 107 squares foot measurement. It is also completed with the porch which has 47 square foot measurement. For constructing this beautiful tiny vacation home, people will only spend $2,900



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