Build your own small house

Are you skilled enough build your own small house? Then if you do, you might want to read this tips and tricks for helping you to find the best way for build your own small house. A small house means that you need to fit with the footage square to designs and fulfill every your requirement in that tiny house. Whether you want to have comfort bedroom, safety kitchen and many more you need to measure and check if the size is possible for create those rooms.


House is still house, a place where you spend the time with your family and friend. Make custom space and designs for your most favorite space in your small home. Make personalize internal space for suiting with your lifestyle. The framing plans below can give you draw for tiny house. First is creating spacious lounge that fit for 8 people in tiny house. How it is possible? Well, the corner couch actually is built for 6 people, but there is armchair seat and bottom step in storage stairs that will double function as extra seat for 8th person.  Right to the corner seat above, there is shelves ceiling that use to store blanket and stuffs that can be use when there is guest spend the night and sleep in the corner couch.


When you build your own tiny home, you need to consider the features that you might want to present and what you must have in your tiny home. Are you needed to get office desk in your tiny space? Then if you, you can consider to take folded table that attached to the wall as it can give you more additional space when it is not in use. If you are mother that work in your home, you can use your kitchen cabinet surface top and design for your office desk.  When you consider the desk for computer or PC, then you need to ensure that it has far enough from the liquid or water that risky for the electronic tools.  Snuggle up your sleeping loft in top of stairs right into the ceiling. This sleeping loft that right into ceiling is comfortable as it takes a length of the home. Use futon bed that you can folded out when you are not in use the futon. The stairs with storage will give more features storage item for your drawers, and many more.

stair-with-storage -1stairs-storage-combined


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