Building a Tiny House

When you considering building tiny house, no matter whether it will be use for your main living home, or as rest place, you need to make best plans for resulting best tiny houses.  The affordable price becomes the main reason why people are looking for small house after it has effective space use.


build-tiny-house-floor-with-rattan-chairsWhen you start your building tiny houses project, then there are several things to consider, whether you want to hire professional or want to take your own project tiny house DIY. When you buy or hire the professional builder, it will vary. For example, for typical tiny house in 8X16 tiny house model it average spends you about $37.000. The cost depends to the design complexity, length and the finished level. Just to give you general cost from normal tiny house, this price list below can make you able to estimate the budget you need. For the main material, the trailer that has good quality is about $3000-$8000. For electrical bits, plumbing bits, lights / fans, flooring and finishing it estimates about $500 each items. For compose toilet, it requires about $1000. The cost for worker is separated. For example, carpenter is rate at $45/hr, helpers about $20, plumber and technician about $60/hr, and general labor for $30/hr.


Are you the one that creative and skilled enough for building your own tiny house DIY project? If you do, then you can determine for these consideration below before you make your own tiny house. For the first, prepare your planning for build your project. In planning, you need to determine your really need for tiny house. Then, select the site that you desire to build tiny house. Get reference from others about their tiny house. After that, create rough floor tiny house plans. Determine the major tiny houses features that must have in your tiny house. After that, you can draw up your plans or buy from tiny house builder. Create your limit budget to prevent the budget overloaded. As you start your project, you also need to consider access as you need to take in the mattress, shower stall, appliances, furniture and others. As tiny house, ensure that you make your access is fit for big furniture for take in your tiny home. When building a tiny home it is important for focus on your measurement designs to ensure that all stuffs and furniture you need is able to bring in your tiny house.



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