Design a Tiny House or Small Spaces

To design a small house, we need to be really clever and careful. Tiny house does not mean uncomfortable house. There are a lot of things that we can do to make the house with limited space comfy and warm for everyone living in it. Below, you will find several tips related to the design tiny house so that your tiny space can be used efficiently.

efficient-housesmall-house-design-0111. Use Light Colors

It is believed that light colors can make a tiny space more expansive. That is why when you have a small room or small house, paint the walls with light colors such as white or pale yellow. For the floor, you can go with lighter colors as well. If you want, you can surely paint the ceiling with lighter colors to make the room even wider.

2. Be Clever with Storage

Having a tiny room or tiny house means that we cannot have a massive cabinet or cupboard in the room. We have to find other ways to store our stuff. The best thing that you can do when you have tiny room is to use furniture that can save space such as bunk bed with a drawer or loft underneath it. It will save quite a lot of spaces in the room and it will be very useful for room design for small spaces.

3. Glass Room Separators

Designing small spaces means that you cannot make the small room smaller just because you add room separator. Thus, glass room separators can be the solution. Glass is translucent so that it will be great to have glass room separators in your tiny house. The glass is not going to block your view and thus making the room looks even smaller. Glass will bring the effect of a wide room even though your room is actually quite small.

899c3e94102bbe64495a5c198426dc06design-small-spaces4. Use the Wall

Having a small space means that you have to use the wall to the fullest. Wall is not going to consume more space actually. The best thing you can do for your wall is making floating shelves on the wall and use it as storage. When most of your stuff can get stored on the wall, you do not need anything else to store your stuff. Your room will not get even packed. It will be one of the best design ideas for small spaces that you can totally practice.



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