Furniture for Small Space

Choosing the furniture for small apartment or small house is a tricky thing. You cannot stuff your tiny house with lots of furniture because the house will get even tinier and less uncomfortable. That is why you just can have the essential furniture only. Make sure that you get rid of the least important furniture in the house. Below are several tips in choosing and arranging furniture for small apartments or houses.


  1. Use Bunk Bed in the Bedroom

Bunk bed is such a space saver. If you have more than one kids and you all have to live in a small house or small apartment, make sure that the bedroom in the house use a bunk bed. A bunk bed allows more than a kid to sleep in the same bedroom with ease. They still get their own “space” and they can sleep comfortably. Make sure that the bunk bed that you choose is completed by strong ladder and also safety rails if needed.

  1. Storage Under the Bed

Having a small house or apartment means that you cannot have fancy closet or cabinet inside a room. Thus, to keep your stuff well-arranged, you need to have a bed with drawers underneath it. The drawers can be used as storage. You can store you clothes and also shoes there. It will save a lot of spaces. Your room will look less packed as well because the only furniture that you need in the room is the bed. There will be no need to stuff cabinet in there.

  1. Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic is a kind of style with small stuff and pastel colors as the characteristics. It is believed that this style is influenced by the style of 17th century France interior decoration. The petit furniture can actually help the small room or apartment to look even bigger. The furniture does not consume too much space and they look so pretty and chic as well.


  1. Space Saver Furniture

Today, there are a lot of space saver furniture sold in stores. This furniture are aimed to easily stored or fold so that they do not consume too much space in the house when they are not used. You can choose this kind of furniture for your small house or apartment so that the room is not packed with massive furniture. Furniture to save space is indeed needed when you have small house or apartment.



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