Inside Small House

Having small house is not the end of everything. Now, some people tend to choose small house for their living because it is simple. However, some people also find difficulties in design. If you are one of them, you don’t need to worry because there are many creative ideas to designinside small houses.

Smart Kitchen Shelves


Normally, people use standard cupboards to keep their kitchen stuff. However, for inside a tiny house, open storage will be more appealing and organized. The shelves can divide the kitchen and dining room. You can feel the whole space open and airy. To separate the kitchen, you should choose small divider so there will be two rooms for kitchen. Then, the shelves from floor to ceiling will be the best place to keep and display your storage as well your glassware.

The Corner for Home Office


When you need inside house designs for the bedroom, after you have put the bed and all you need don’t make any spaces become unused. Your bedroom can be your home office as well. You can use small closets and put them at the corner to create space for home office. Add shelves to keep and display your books above the desk. You’d better to build the desk to the wall so it will leave a path to move around the bedroom.

Storing at Bathroom


To be more stylish in your bathroom, it is better for you to have narrow shelves and put them on the wall. Add unique canisters to keep your lotion, cotton balls and other stuff. Place the toiletries below the vanity. For additional storage, you can add baskets and put them on the shelves.

Flexible Space


This shouldn’t be forgotten. You will need a space which is flexible and multipurpose. For example, guest bedroom should not be in fixed place. To solve this problem, you can use the portable wall. You can provide a room or space for home office and guest bedroom. During the day, you can use the bed and space for home office. When you have the guest then you just need to pull the bed out for the guest.

Light is the Best


Your space will seem larger if you use light colors. Don’t use dark color. Set the living room in gray wall, and then add colorful decorations. This way, your living room will not be monotone. All white furniture and units will make the space bigger.

Divide with Curtain


For inside tiny homes, you’d better not to separate room with walls. Use a curtain especially the sheer one. It is good idea to separate two rooms. To make it more stylish, you can choose silk curtain with Asian pattern. Usually, people use curtain to separate dining room and living room.

Under the Stairs


Designing inside tiny house makes you more creative. This is the idea to store your stuff under the stairs. Besides helping you with the storage, visually it is stylist too. You can turn your below stairs into drawers to keep things or turn it into mini bar or many other options. Moreover, if you have book collection, you can put them there as well.



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