Interior Design Small Spaces

If you have small spaces for your house, it doesn’t always mean that you will live with limited decoration. These ideas will be perfect for decorating interior design for small apartments. Then your small apartment will appear bigger than before.

Not too Boxy


Normally, most apartments have boxy shapes. Now, it’s time for you to add curves in your spaces. You can place round furniture such as round table, curve chairs and round rugs. Moreover, you can add some dots and spiral patterns to curtain or pillow.

Light Up


Light colors are the best option for small spaces. Get rug with light color for the living room and you can feel the room is larger. Some apartment has already carpeted in dark color, so you can add rug with lighter shade on it.

Play with Curtains


Don’t be too standard with interior design ideas for apartments. Give drama touch with adding curtains. You can choose some spaces you think you need to put the curtains and it will make your space larger. Sling curtains on the window or walls. You can choose the curtains with floor to ceiling height or let them just flow. All ways will give dramatic feels to your apartment.

Get Layers


Many people may think that don’t layer the bed too much for small spaces. Actually, it is contrary. Layer your bed with many fabrics and linens. You can mix many color, patterns and pillows. You will be surprised that this idea will make your space airy.

Scale Everything


If you love big couch, you should forget it for small apartment. Your room will be too stuffy. Measure all furniture you want to put in your apartment. Smaller furniture will be great and you will save more space with that.

Think Glass


Another solution for small apartment, get furniture such as tables made of glass. Table with glass tops will give the feel of openness. They can serve their function and add more spaces for the room.

Lighten Things Up


Lights are very helpful when talking about interior design small spaces. If you have small space and it is dark, then you will feel suffocated. Add the lightings to make the room more interesting. You will feel homey, warm and welcoming. Some lamps which can create glow can be purchased in many stores.

Priorities First

Make sure you write a list of your priorities. Small spaces are surely limited. If all your priorities are fulfilled, then you can allocate for other things.



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