Make Your Own Large Tiny House

Living in a house which is large and tiny may be some people’s dream. If you want to build this house, there are some approaches to think first. Although it is large tiny house, you should make sure that there is enough room for your family. When you really want a tiny house, it means that you will build really tiny house. You have to build a bit bigger. You can expand some feet on its wide and long. Begin with small house is really suitable when your kids are still small. Eventually, when the kids are growing up you can expand more or move to bigger house. Some people build tiny house for some reason that they don’t only build one but several. The example tiny houses are for kids or adult, sleeping or kitchen house, and many other options.


The focus is not on what kind of tiny house you will have but you should think about its purpose and family. Some people may feel stuffy and suffocated living in the tiny house. However, actually, living in the tiny house is more flexible if you can see your situation. The way you feel about the house can be changed by the design or decoration. You don’t need complicated housing problems with tiny house. First thing you should not forget if you want to design a tiny house is about the storage, layout and rooms. Think about your family and what are the priorities and purpose of your house. Write down the list of your needs. What will you and your family will need? What kind of house you can provide? You may start by the rooms. Work on how many bedroom you will need. Then measure each room, for example you will need 10 cubic feet for kitchen, 6 square feet for food preparation area, 4 square feet for washing dishes and many more.


Many designs and ideas for largest tiny house are available in magazines or online. Perhaps you also have design on your own. The most important thing is that you write down the functions of each room. This is very crucial. If your needs are fulfilled then you can think for others. At least the minimum goals are achieved. The biggest test for designing a tiny house is extra bedroom, storage and bigger food preparation area. For storage, you can think about having cargo or trailer. You can have rotating wardrobes so you can place the clothes for different season and save the others for another season. For bedroom, if you have two daughters or two sons, they can share the same bedroom.



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