Micro Home Plans

Today, the number of micro home is getting bigger since the demand of affordability and increased number of individual who wants to living alone are arising. To decide whether or not it’s called as micro, the size can be compared to a car garage. The size is bigger than that but smaller than two car garage combined. It is considered as micro place for living. It suits for those who wants to starts living alone. Well, in America every individual has their own right to live alone or move from their parents’ house and it’s just normal thing to do.


Therefore, micro houses benefit those who have not steady finance yet. The price is of course affordable. However, we are not going to mention which one is legal house and which one is not. It’s your right to choose the best place for living. A micro house is under 500 square feets. So you can imagine it’s a tiny house but must be adorable and affordable. Then why about the design? Well, there are lots of designs available for tiny houses today and it should make you happy. Eventhough it’s just a tiny place to living, it provides all you need started from the interior design to furnitures.


If you see micro home plans today, they are so attractive. You’ll be just mesmerized on how designersput a lot of effort to make a tiny house effective for comfortable living. There are lots of concept which can be adjusted to the owner taste. However, it’s not that varied for small houses in a big city since it’s crowded and no land available. The concept for tiny houses usually uses these things:

Sliding concept

Either the door or bed, sliding concept is useful for more efficient room. Sliding door doesn’t need much space to use. Sliding bed is also efficient so when it isn’t used for sleeping the space can be used for sitting.


– Large single window

For micro homes floor plans, the window is limited but the size is usually large than average. It is used for better ventilation and lighting. Besides, it can make the interior looks bigger than it is.


– Vertical line

Micro home plans usually apply vertical line concept. There is no room to make the house wider so it’s better to make it up. This is great for better air circulation so you wouldn’t feel choked because of tiny room. The upside can be used as a library to put your books and stuffs, or it can be used for your bedroom. Therefore, you have a little privacy to save.


Living alone is something that everyone should experience to build self-discipline. To make your move, you don’t need to force yourself to live in luxurious house which you can’t even afford. You’d better choose tiny house with micro house designs. It provides all you need like bedroom, bathroom, and dining room. It’s the most suitable place for living alone or at least with your partner to start a new life.



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