Modern Small Homes

Increased number of people, decreased land, and uncertain economy make us prefer to live in modern small homes. It’s usually less than 300 square feet and maybe some people call it a barbie house (?)

Living in a tiny home is not something new because, the micro house movement has been increasing up till now. Why people choose tiny house? The answer is just simple. It’s because a small house is simple, affordable, and eco-friendly. Who can resist if it’s such a beneficial place for living?


The concept of modern small house generally is to maximize the space and minimize the footprint. Eventhough it sounds hard to achieve but it has been ‘a dream come true’. Here are the concept that is usually used for tiny house:


– Vertical

For modern tiny homes, it’s better to reach the sky than use extra land. Hence, vertical concept is used to maximize usable space. A tiny house may have one or two floors. For one floor concept, the space is used for all purpose entirely. For example, you will have more opened-concept where you can see bedroom and dining room next to each other without wall blocked. For two floors concept, the bedroom is usually place on the second floor for more private feeling.


– Furniture

Modern tiny house plans use portable furniture which has unique design and concept. Tiny house owner usually uses bed which has also a role as a sofa. It’s been recognized and most of people agree to its efficiency. Hence, tiny house always uses furniture which has multi-function. Therefore, a minimalist structure of the house doesn’t lack its function.


– Features

Minimalist structure is applied without lacking normal features in a tiny house. Therefore, there is no need to worry that you’ll have a hard time to take a bath. Normal features like bathroom, bedroom and even living room are available to meet your need. However, the size is of course adjusted with minimalist concept so it won’t take up the space.


– Materials

The materials used for a tiny house is chosen selectively based on its capability. The materials should be eco-friendly, energy-saving, strong, and durable. The materials usually used for tiny houses are wood and aluminum. Those are easy to work and of course affordable. For woods, they are choosen because they are water-resistant and also easy to work. For aluminum, it’s quite cheap, lightweight, and durable. Hence, you can see that the construction is done properly even for a small house.


– Aesthetics

To establish aesthetical look, window usually takes a big part. The main role of window is for lighting during the day so it can save up the energy. Besides, it is the secret weapon to face the weather. Sliding doors are also used rather than conventional ones. It is used to save up the space and promote sunlight. Hence, modern tiny houses are also equipped with efficient and aesthetical concept.


People like micro home is not only because of it’s affordable and energy-saving but also because it’s easy to clean. You don’t need to hire someone to clean your home when you’re busy. No one will mess your home if you’re alone. Your home won’t be that dirty unlike a house loaded with lots of people. Therefore, for you who have hard time looking after a house because of busy schedule and tight activities, a modern tiny house is the best choice. Modern house floor plans are suitable to use for an individual or couple. Meet an architect if you want to build it based on your concept, or buy a micro house that has been available in the market.



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