Ideas about Modern Design for Small Apartment

For a small apartment, you may have a hard time to set the furniture and stuffs for efficient space used. Here we are going to give you simple ideas on how to make your small apartment comfortable to be living.   – Bedroom We start from the most important element, small apartment bedroom ideas. Bedroom […]

Simple Home Designs

There must be a reason why people like to live in luxurious and super-large house. However, uncertain economy and increasing people make it’s even harder to get. So why not trying new concept with simple home designs? It provides simplicity without lacking its purpose. Why you should consider simple design for your house? – Energy-saving […]

Getting Larger Impression with Best Plans for Small Homes

Perhaps we are often confused with plans for small homes that have many limitations, especially regarding the limitation of land and building area. This limitation requires us to think hard in finding solutions to solve all the problems that exist. The point here mut be focused on the physical building room really needed. However, although […]

6 Benefits of Portable Small Houses

Have you ever heard of a home can be taken and built anywhere? Recently, it has been heard the news about some design houses that actually can be moved. Yes, you are right. It is what we call it “portable small houses”.  The inspirations creation of this kinds of house itself are different. There are […]

Advantages of Open Concept for Small Home

Open house concept is now becoming a trend, especially in big cities that are indeed the land to make a single house is fairly small. This concept itself is becoming increasingly popular in the early 1900s where this concept provides a solution for small-sized houses. Since then, many people prefer this concept because with open […]

Modern Small Homes

Increased number of people, decreased land, and uncertain economy make us prefer to live in modern small homes. It’s usually less than 300 square feet and maybe some people call it a barbie house (?) Living in a tiny home is not something new because, the micro house movement has been increasing up till now. […]

The Ways How to Create Mobile Tiny House Plans

Some times ago, the thought that a big house is more beautiful than small house has growing in our culture. However, as we know that people in this world increase rapidly in every year. It makes available land for building houses more narrow.  Thus, many people get difficulties to build their house because it’s limitation. […]

6 Tips on How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels Successfully

5 Tips on How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels Successfully You will need a specific guideline, the long one, to do the project, but you also need the following tips on how to build a tiny house on wheels successfully. This project isn’t only about following the guideline but also about your attention to related […]

10 Smart Ideas on Storage for Small Rooms

The following ideas give you suggestion to make storage for small rooms. A house, an apartment, a bedroom or bathroom can always use extra storage. Meanwhile, we may not have more space anymore. These ideas don’t need a lot of space but it holds enough things. Check this out. Open Shelf Cabinet This item is common […]