Micro Home Plans

Today, the number of micro home is getting bigger since the demand of affordability and increased number of individual who wants to living alone are arising. To decide whether or not it’s called as micro, the size can be compared to a car garage. The size is bigger than that but smaller than two car […]

Floor Plans for Small Home

Making floor plans for small homes is not as easy as most people think. There are many things that you have to do with the small house so that it can be more comfortable to live in. A small house is usually packed with stuff and even rooms so that the space feels more uncomfortable. That is […]

How to Build a Small House

People often asked how to build a little house on their own. Is it even possible to build a house by yourself? Well, actually it is indeed possible as long as you know the kind of small house or mini house that you can build. There are many kinds of small house that you can build on […]

Furniture for Small Space

Choosing the furniture for small apartment or small house is a tricky thing. You cannot stuff your tiny house with lots of furniture because the house will get even tinier and less uncomfortable. That is why you just can have the essential furniture only. Make sure that you get rid of the least important furniture in the […]

Design a Tiny House or Small Spaces

To design a small house, we need to be really clever and careful. Tiny house does not mean uncomfortable house. There are a lot of things that we can do to make the house with limited space comfy and warm for everyone living in it. Below, you will find several tips related to the design tiny house so […]

Efficient Home Plans

Surely efficient home plans are needed to make a good house eventually. When you want to build a house for your family, the house is better be good. Unfortunately, building a house is not a simple matter. There are so many things that can go wrong when you build a house, especially if you do not prepare […]

Cute Little Houses Designs

Everybody has different preference about anything including about the design of the house where should live in with their family. Some people prefer the grand house which will not only be suitable with their family but also with their pride. They still think that large house will be perfect for them with high class life […]

Cool Small Houses

Castle like house looks very impressive for many people because it is like a house which becomes the dream for many of them. Nevertheless, it seems like building a huge house will be hard thing to do for some people. It is not kind of choice for them due to efficiency as well. More and […]

Cheap Small Home Plans

Big house needs big cost. Sometimes people think that planning for small home will be cheaper than big house. It can be expensive as well if people do not plan their small home building carefully. There is no doubt that people want to have cheaper home so they choose the small home. They need to […]

Chalet Home Plans

People usually will be dreaming about holiday when they are doing their daily activity. Many places can be visited all around the world but mountains can be one of the most favorite places to go when people have holiday. It must be great if they can play with the snow and enjoy the beautiful scenery […]