Simple Home Designs

There must be a reason why people like to live in luxurious and super-large house. However, uncertain economy and increasing people make it’s even harder to get. So why not trying new concept with simple home designs? It provides simplicity without lacking its purpose. Why you should consider simple design for your house?


– Energy-saving

If you live in such a superior house, you can imagine how many resources you take from the nature. It will reduce the energy of the Earth. That’s why, a simple and small house is the best way out to solve energy-crisis. At least you won’t make it worse. You will need a few resources for simple house to be lived alone.


– Saving money

It’s time to save your money because the uncertain economy forces you to be a smart user. Money is hard to get and easy to spend. It comes like turtle and goes like a rabbit. So why bother spending money for a big house maintenance? You have lots of bills to pay so choosing small and simple house is a wise decision. You don’t need to spend your money on cleaning service, or expensive home maintenance. You can save it for your other priorities.

– Efficient space

Simple home plans allow you maximed usable space. There won’t be space left or unused. Small house is designed to minimize house’s footprint while optimizing the space. If you live alone or with your partner, you don’t need extra space to use. Especially if you’re a busy worker. You won’t have time to use all the space in your house. You will use it only for eating and sleeping.


Simple house blueprint consists of a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and usually laundry room in the basement. It’s just that simple yet doesn’t lack of its normal function needed by the owner. You will still able to cook your meal, take a bath and sleep comfortably even in a tiny house. The size of small house is ranged widely. It starts from 60 to 900 square feet or more. However, 60-80 square feet house is considered as the smallest one. It is suitable for an individual who wants to live alone. Above 500 aquare feet house, it is usually used for a small family or a couple.


A simple house design applied to a tiny house is varied. The design may adapt certain style or is based on the owner’s wish. However, minimalist concept is usually adapted to this kind of home because of its efficiency. A minimalist design for a tiny house includes:


– Color

The color choice tend to use warm tone such as beige, light brown, white, or green. Those colors will make the interior design looks cozy and larger that it is.


– Vertical line

Simple house floor plans always use vertical line concept to maximize the space used. Hence, a small, simple and modern house usually has one or two floors.


– Materials

Materials used for simple houses are woods. Woods are the best material because it’s easy to work, longer durability, and has warm tone. Hence, it’s a great choice if you want to build a small house with green living concept. Woods are also used for the furniture materials such as chairs and table.


To have a comfortable place for living doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to choose the one with simple and cozy concept. The interior should provide proper space but doesn’t need to be extravagant. Simple small house plans like what we said before can be the best choice for you who want to live alone.



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