Ideas about Modern Design for Small Apartment

For a small apartment, you may have a hard time to set the furniture and stuffs for efficient space used. Here we are going to give you simple ideas on how to make your small apartment comfortable to be living.




We start from the most important element, small apartment bedroom ideas. Bedroom is essential for living so that you can sleep when you get tired after working all day long. However, a bedroom in a small aprtment must have limited space. To make it look spacious, you need right furnishing. Use a light rug to make the space look larger. Besides, you can use portable bed which can be lifted after use. Hence, you can use the space for workspace during the day.





For the bathroom, try to apply light color to the wall. Avoid dark color because it can make your tiny bathroom look even smaller. Then, you don’t need a towel cabinet since it won’t fit. You may place a few hangers on the wall for clothes or towels while bathing. If you place cabinet in the bathroom, you will have a hard time moving. Hence, be wise in placing furniture in the bathroom. If you don’t really need it, leave it.



Living room


Small apartment design ideas for living room can be tricky. You can use all the items to make it looks larger. Since it’s a small apartment, you only need a sofa or couch. Then, choose a round coffee table to complete the look. Try to choose neutral tone for the wall so you can be more playful on the furniture. If you paint the wall white or beige, you can place an outstanding sofa with a very bold color like red or hot pink.





Small apartment designs usually adapt minimalist concept and so does for the kitchen. Since you live alone in the apartment, you don’t need large kitchen. It’s better to place hanging cabinet for efficient space and avoid using big and too large utensils or kitchen stuffs which can make your kitchen fully loaded.



Dining room


Small apartment dining room ideas can be a little tricky. If you want to create an illusion of large room, you can create opened concept which combine dining room and kitchen. Hence, you don’t need to separate them. Place a rectangular table between kitchen and dining room so it can be used for cooking and eating at the same time. Place a few chairs in front of the table. It’s simple and modern design. Without wall separated the rooms, your small apartment will have better air circulation.


Small apartment is usually chosen by those who like to live alone comfortably. With affordable cost, and low maintenance, small apartment is the best place to be living. Even the space is little bit tiny, you can make it look larger by some tricks. Hence, you don’t need to worry about space. Small apartment is best to be paired with minimalist concept to optimize the space and look.



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