The Ways How to Create Mobile Tiny House Plans

Some times ago, the thought that a big house is more beautiful than small house has growing in our culture. However, as we know that people in this world increase rapidly in every year. It makes available land for building houses more narrow.  Thus, many people get difficulties to build their house because it’s limitation. Finally, after Hipwee shows minimalist concept, many people can build their sweet house although they have narrow area. Until now, there are some modern tiny houses with variety design and multifunction. One of them is mobile tiny house.  A mobile tiny house is suitable for you who have limitation of land and money. It is also apppropriate to you who loves travelling. But, do you know how to create mobile tiny house plans? Let’s find the ways bellow.


Firstly, you have to prepare a car in order to make your house can move easily. The car it self should be adapted with how big you want to make your mobile tiny house or you can use the car you have. It is better for you. Then, try to search design of mobile tiny house you want. It can be done by googling, searching in magazines, or looking the other mobile tiny houses around your house. After finding design that you want, try to apply it to the car you have. Next, you should find out materials used for building it. You can collect many things that are not used at home anymore. It is better for you because recycling is cheaper and environmentally friendly.


The next process is separating each room based on design you have. Make some multifunction room and furniture. Place them in the correct posision so that you will have each room you need although you have limit space. The thing should be considered here is that you have to place your furnitures and its contents tightly. It is purposed in order to make their position don’t change when your car is being parked. Besides it, you can add your bath room and toilet in your mobile tiny house. However, you should consider well for the disposal of the toilet itself. After that, add solar energy to the your mobile tiny home, so you have electrical energy for lighting, ironing, etc. Finally, you should use bright lighting to provide interesting effects and also for your safety in the night.

Hopefully, the explanation above is useful for you who want to creat mobile tiny homes because the comfortable home is a home that is suitable with your needs.



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