Tips to Make Contemporary House Plans to Balance the Spiritual Energy Inside

Contemporary home plans should also be made by paying attention to the spiritual energy too. It means that you should make sure that the house plan is rightly designed to improve the energy so everyone who lives inside the home can feel much comfort, peacefulness, good health and even prosperity. It is something makes sense since this idea is also related to how you make the energies centered including the celestial and solar energy.
The Entrance for the House
To maximize the energy inside your house, you can make the contemporary house designs with the main entrance on the east side. It has a strong reason because the sun always rises from the east. The warm sunlight in the morning will always come into your house earlier every day. It will bring optimistic energy that is also healthy as well as the light to the household. In this way, you can get good fortune every day; at least good health for the whole family members every day. Otherwise, you can also choose the north east as the suitable direction for the entrance. So, you should consider the main entrance direction when you decide the contemporary home plans.
The Other Directions and the Influences
When you are going to make a house plan, the information about other directions below may become your consideration;
  1. The South West; it is not a recommended direction since it is related to the negative energies.
  2. It is also not recommended to have a door facing the south east direction.
  3. If you have a door facing the south direction, it may cause disagreements or arguments because it brings the sharp energies into the house.
Best Location for the Kitchen Area
For the kitchen area, south east direction will be the best location. In this way, you can cook while facing the east direction where the morning sunlight comes through. Besides, it is also not recommended to have kitchen area facing the main door of the house.
The Master Bedroom Area
When you are going to determine the master bedroom area in the contemporary house plans, south west corner is the best location. Make the bedroom in rectangular or square shape to maximize the energy inside. The far location of the bedroom from the entrance and kitchen area will make the area quiet and peace for taking a rest. So you can have the best resting time that is also good for health.

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