What Should Be Considered in Making Minimalist House Plans to Your House

Everybody must have had a dream to have ideal house. For some people who have house that is narrow land often feel difficult to have comfortable and beautiful house. However, having narrow land isn’t a problem to creat special and comfortable house if we know how to creat it. The right way to make it real is with using minimalist house plans to your house because although the concept is minimalist but it doesn’t mean that your house is ordinary. Then, as your references, you can search many example of minimalist house design that are suitable. However, there are things you should consider when you are planning your minimalist house as you want. They are:


  • Searching minimalist house plans as much as you can as references.

In searching references of minimalist house plans, you can get it in many simple ways. You can search in internet, magazine, including by looking minimalist housing around where you live.

  • Matching the size of land you have with room area needs.

By knowing size of your land, you can determine house plan idea correctly. Of course, it will help much in making your house plan. In this case, you can set how many, positions of the rooms that are needed with the correct measurement.

  • Using correct furniture

Because the concept is minimalist house, you can use furnitures that are usually used by many minimalist houses too. In this case, minimalist furnitures mean furnitures that are small size with plain colors and simple design. The right furniture color for your minimalist house is color that match with the color of wall that you apply to avoid the impression of a narrow area because of limited land.

  • Using correct decoration

Besides using of correct furniture, using of correct decoration also is needed in giving the impression your house is larger. Because of it, you should avoid excessive home decoration. With the simple decoration you can  minimize the risk your house looks so full and narrow.


  • Building high wall

Building high wall is a must for minimalist house, especially for minimalist house with one floor. It is intended to create the impressionof wide area. In addition, by giving windows or adequate ventilation will create the effect that house is not cramped despite it is built on quite limited land.

Those are what should be consider before you making minimalist house plans. By using the land as well as possible and create a correct minimalist home plan, of course your home dream could be realized immediately.



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